Reproductive Organs of Male and Female Pigs


  • Ovary - produces gametes and the female reproductive hormones
  • Uterus - site of fertilization and development of young (pigs have two uterine horns to accomodate large litters)
  • Vagina - passageway between uterus and urogenital opening; serves as the birth canal and the reception area for sperm


  • Bulbourethral (Cowper's) Gland - secretes fluid to lubricate and neutralize acids in urethra
  • Epididymis - coiled tubule that stores sperm
  • Penis - conduit for sperm and urine
  • Prostate Gland - secretes an acid-neutralizing component of semen
  • Seminal Vescicles - secretes fluid component of semen to lubricate and nourish sperm
  • Scrotum - sac visible from the exterior that holds testicles; cools sperm
  • Testes - produce sperm and male reproductive hormones
  • Uretha - serves as the exitway of the reproductive system (as well as of the renal system)
  • Vas Deferens - duct between epididymis and urethra